Erowal Bay Tennis Club


A little history

The Erowal Bay Tennis Club is situated about 30 kilometres south of Nowra, on Grandview street, Erowal Bay.

From humble beginnings, one court in the 1980's, the club now boasts five synthetic grassed courts, a hard court, and a club house, funded mainly by members.

Shoalhaven council still have not finished installing new light poles with lights...but all comps are back in action.

erowal bay tennis club grandview street erowal bay 2540
ADULTS- $70.00 per year.
AGE PENSIONERS- $53.00 per year.
JUNIOR (18 years and under)- $33.00 per year.
FAMILY- (Max 2 adults plus 2 children 18 and under) $140.00 per year - additional children are $10.00 each)

Court 6 is currently being resurfaced. the new surface will be finished, (weather permitting) by this Sunday, November 11, 2018.

Nearly there... a few more coats and the court will be ready!

* Members- $3.00 per session.
* Visitors (Senior or Junior) -
  with a member- $5.00.
* Non members- $20.00 per court for the first hour, then $10.00 per per court per hour .
* Members- $3.00 plus $18.00 per court per session.
* Visitors (Senior or Junior) -
  with a member- $5.00 EACH extra.
* Non-members- as above, plus $18.00 per night with lights.


The Erowal Bay committee for 2018 - 2019 is: president - Susan Smartt; vice president - John Dick; secretary Sally Johnson; treasurer - Cheryl Morthern; Publicity -Brent Cawood;  catering - Denise Dick and Margaret Clark; general committee - Kevin Gordon, Beth Jarvis, Debbie Churchill.

Members Area